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Company Name : More super hard company

Business Type : grinding wheel,abrasive tools,cutting tools

Company Address : B906,Wanda Plaza,Zhongyuan Road,Zhengzhou,Henan,China

Postal Code : sales

Contact Person : Anna wang

Mobile Phone : 86-15617785923

Tel : 86-371-86545906

Fax : 86-371-86545906

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CBN round inserts for machining mill roll and collars sale
CBN round inserts for machining mill roll and collars
  • CBN round inserts for machining mill roll and collars
  • CBN round inserts for machining mill roll and collars

  • Price: USD18/piece USD9/piece
  • Expire date:2035-08-30
  • origin : China
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Grinding & Abrasive Tool

Min supply : 1

Stock number : 10000

Description :

Name:  Solid CBN insert RNMN1204



Solid CBN insert is typically recommended to machine ferrous materials such as hardened steel components over the range 45 to 70HRc and grey cast irons. The material combines high hot hardness, chemical stability and abrasion resistance to provide an effective solution for machining these very different work-piece materials.



In processing of hardened steel whose hardness is of HRC50-60. such as: carbon tool steel, bearing steel, die steel, high-speed steel and so on. It also using in processing of gray cast iron, ductile iron, chilled cast iron, and other high temperature alloy and so on.



 Size information:

Code I.C (mm) S (mm)
RNMN0603 6.35 3.18
RNMN0604 6.35 4.76
RNMN0903 9.525 3.18
RNMN0904 9.525 4.76
RNMN0907 9.525 7.94
RNMN1204 12.7 4.76
RNMN1207 12.7 7.94
RNMN1907 19.05 7.94

PCBN inserts  


High hardness, good thermal stability (above 133 degrees, then can be processed),strong bonding resistance, suitable for high hardness of ferrous metals and its alloys metals (such as hardened steel, stainless steel, alloy steel, tool steel, die steel, chilled casting etc.) processing, work hardness can over HRC50.CBN inserts segmentation is more noticeable, all sorts of hard and soft steel of the car has strict requirements, specific targeted.


Processing range  


Tungsten carbide, high hard wear-resistant alloy cast iron and grey cast iron, nodular cast iron and other materials




Metallurgy roll and slurry pump industry and difficult processing materials.



Cubic boron nitride integral turning tool, machining cast iron, blade, impact resistant extremely wear-resistant, easy to use, long service life, rough machining, convenient clamping, setup it on the pressure type tool rod directly.

   Pursuit of high shock resistance, especially R&D for the high hardness short iron chips parts, with high hardness and excellent shock resistance. Suitable for large allowance rough machining high hardness cast iron parts, such as high chromium alloy, high nickel-chromium alloy, chilled cast iron, white cast iron; Widely used in Roll, mining machinery, metallurgical machinery, cement, electric power equipment wear spare parts industry.

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