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Company Name : More super hard company

Business Type : grinding wheel,abrasive tools,cutting tools

Company Address : B906,Wanda Plaza,Zhongyuan Road,Zhengzhou,Henan,China

Postal Code : sales

Contact Person : Anna wang

Mobile Phone : 86-15617785923

Tel : 86-371-86545906

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Diamond Cutting Blades
Diamond Cutting Blades
  • Diamond Cutting Blades
  • Diamond Cutting Blades
  • Diamond Cutting Blades
  • Diamond Cutting Blades

  • Price: USD1-25 / piece
  • origin : China
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Grinding & Abrasive Tool

Min supply : 1

Stock number : 1000

Description :

Diamond Cutting Blades

Our expapplicationertise encompasses a broad range of electronic materials including Mono Crystalline and Poly Crystalline Silicon, Sapphire ,Quartz, Specialty glasses, and a variety of other hard compounds and ceramics. Whether your concern is part quality or productivity, “MORESUPERHARD ” dicing blades step up to the challenge.

Our standard and custom specifications are available in a variety of bond, hardness and diamond or cubic boron nitride(CBN) Grain sizes to meet your material removal, Heometry , chipping, and surface finish requirements. We also offer the broadest range of blade sizes and bond systems including sintered and plated metal as well as resin for maximum engineering flexibility.

Our cutting discs are mainly including Resin diamond dicing blade, Metal bond dicing blade andElectroplated bond dicing blade.

Specification of diamond cutting discs (including resin bond , electroplated bond and metal bond ):

Product Name

Resin/Electroplated/Metal bond dicing blade






200#-5000# (D107-D1)


0.10-2.00mm (Based on diamond grit size)

According to customers requirement             Email: 

NO.1   Resin diamond dicing blade

Introduction of Resin bond dicing blade:

Resin bond blades with the characteristic of vertical consumption can efficiently reduce the occurrence of grain deformation and improve the cutting quality and efficiency on hard and brittle materials.

Features of Resin bond dicing blade:

Improve the cutting quality and efficiency on hard and brittle materials.

A wide selection of bonds available for high-grade processing on hard and brittle materials.

Ultra thin blade (over 50um)

Applications of Resin bond dicing blade:

Hard and Brittle Materials, Ceramics, Optical Glass, Glass for Optical Fiber Communication, Splitter, IR Filter, QFN


The pictures of Resin bond dicing blade:

resin dicing blade  



NO.2    Metal bond dicing blade

Introduction of Metal bond dicing blade:

Metal bond blades, the sintered diamond blades with the addition of metal powder in bond, have high retaining force for grain. 
With the higher wear-resistance and advanced cutting capability and higher stiffness, the metal bond blades can effectively reduce cutting defects like slanted-kerf.


Features of Metal bond dicing blade:

Ultra thin blade (over 45um)

A wide selection of bonds available for various semiconductor packages.


Applications of Metal bond dicing blade:

Sapphire,BGA,Optical Glass,CSP


The pictures of Metal bond diamond saw blade:

  metal diamond saw blade  

  D300*H60*2.0/1.6*21  Metal diamond saw blade is mainly used for machining of ceramic tiles

  metal bond diamond saw blade  metal diamond saw blade



NO.3  Electroplated bond dicing blade

Introduction of Electroformed bond dicing blade:

Electroformed bond blades are featured by ultra thin, high strength and 
stiffness. They can also suppress the deformation of blade shape and 
give high endurance and robust properties during cutting process.


Features of Electroformed bond dicing blade:

Sophisticated electroformed.

A wide selection of bonds available for various kinds of workpieces.

Exclusive development and customization technology.


Applications of of Electroformed bond dicing blade:

Compound, Silicon, Magnetic Materials, Ceramic Raw Material

Ceramic, Glass Epoxy Boards, etc.


The pictures of Electroplated bond dicing blade:

electroplated dicing blade  electroplated bond saw blade

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